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THJ Consulting aims to serve the Atlanta and surrounding communities. By providing a wide range of expertise, we put the spotlight on the well-being of our customers through solution driven health improvements with emphasis on risk management, benefits, and global health. We understand and share the same values as the communities we serve. Always putting the customer and community first to help prepare them for the future is a major part of our work. Our focus is health improvement and overall well-being of our clients!

THJ Consulting aims to be the most client delicate and reliable provider for all your insurance & risk management needs.




THJ focuses on using innovative strategies to help  clients meet specific goals. We strive to stand out by exceeding expectations and going the extra mile with everyone we work with. We show our clients how much we value them  by customizing plans that work specifically for them to aid in their advancement. Our mission is to lead the way and contribute to the world by providing our clients with the necessary tools for their success.



Our main focus is on you, the client. Building connections and relationships with people is what drives our business. Finding the right person to help you achieve financial security can be hard since it is a sensitive subject for most. Making sure you find someone you can trust and connect with will make the process easier and you will feel more comfortable going through it. We want to help you work on your current and future needs by creating solutions to your problems and building a strong foundation so you can handle any possible risks.


Our representatives are here to work with you to maximize your financial needs, risk management, health benefits, global health benefits, and other strategies and solutions that address the needs specific to you. 

Our focus is health improvement and overall well-being of our customers!


Risk Management

We work with our clients to develop a program that provides the most comprehensive insurance plan at a competitive price.



We focus on analyzing your current program relative to coverage and price, and then defining solutions unique to your organization.

Global Health 


We focus on analyzing current programs that are in place for global benefits and design a international solution that work for your employees and contractors.


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Here at THJ Consulting, we offer a wide range of solutions. Below, you will see a list of of a few of our services. Please contact us to see if we are the right fit for you! Below are just a few our our services. 

  • Government Contractors

  • Global Health Benefits

  • Individual Personal Insurance

  • Employee Benefits

  • Executive Risk

  • Human Resource Consulting

  • Alternative Healthcare Solutions

  • Call Center Solutions 

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